Is there a set timeline for completing courses?
Students will study at the comfort of their homes There is no timeline. The students do not necessarily have to go to the University. The programs can be ordered via the Internet. Our University is therefore an Internet Based training facility. Most of our students have families and work full time – often in the ministry.

How do I make payments?
Payments must be made into our Bank Account:
Account Holder: Hardrock Academy of Leadership TrainingBank: FNBAccount number: 62350205003
All students must pay the necessary registration fee plus the fees for the first lecture before you can start with the training programs. Upon registration, you will receive a unique registration number which has to be entered on the web page to allow you to open the study material. You may pay upfront for the complete training year or otherwise you can pay as you progress with your studies. All the tuition fees have to be paid in full and all assignments handed in before any certificates/qualifications will be awarded.

When can I start?
You may join any time of the year and begin with your studies as soon as you have paid the entry fee and payment on your first lecture. The training programs can be downloaded from the Internet or you can get the lectures at the training sessions, or we can post the hard copies to you whichever is applicable.

What are the Degree courses about?
The Bachelor Degree focuses mainly on Biblical and Secular Communication Skills: NQF Level 7 (120 Credits)Master degree focuses on Leadership NQF Level 8 (120 Credits)Doctoral Degrees on Management Skills. We have developed the MBO, Management by Objective Management Study program to assist church leaders to run their churches as sustainable businesses.Doctor of Theology (DTH) focuses on Bible History and Management. NQF Level 9 (120 Credits)Doctor of Divinity (DD) NQF Level 10 (129 Credits) Management by Objective.Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) NQF Level 11 (120 Credits) Old & New Testament principals & Church Management.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) NQF Level 12 (120 Credits) How to build a High Power Church, Church Doctrines and Church Dogma.

When do I hand my assignments, my thesis or dissertation in on the degree course programs?
You may submit the outline whenever you are ready.

Recognition of Prior Studies and Ministry Experiences
Immanuel International University of Theology accepts prior studies from other Bible Schools, seminars, workshops, conferences, ministry experience, and leadership training against applied credits. We even RPL previous Disadvantage and previous marginalised groups to the levels or offices that they are operating in. i.e. Pastors, Bishops, Arch Bishop’s, Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists. The Moderators at CTQA do the assessment and then make proposals to the University re the NQF levels that students are suitably qualified for.